Girls Ride Out- Event 1

This winter, I will be hosting two events for girls who want to develop as snowmobile drivers.

Event 1: This is for you who can handle the snowmobile in loose snow and can surf around in open areas but want to take your driving to the next level and learn to handle the snowmobile in steeper and more challenging terrain. It will focus on where you should look and how to position yourself through various movements. You will have dedicated time with an instructor who customizes the instruction based on what you want to improve.

Accommodation is at Stora Björnstugan in Laisvallby. Breakfast is included on Saturday and Sunday for those booking accommodation packages. Lunch and dinner are included on Saturday for everyone. Sauna is available. 8 persons/event

Price: Accommodation 1 night including Girls Ride Out: 2600 SEK

Accommodation 2 nights including Girls Ride Out: 3200 SEK

For those who are interested, we’ll go out for some freeriding on Sunday.

Send your registration to: Mark it with Girls Ride Out




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24 - 25 feb 2024


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ABF, Strömvägen 28C, Arjeplog
ABF, Arjeplog



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