A unique archipelago in a mountain environment

Arjeplog’s mountain archipelago is a place like no other. Large, deep lakes such as lake Hornavan, Lake Uddjaur and Lake Tjeggelvas are accompanied by nearly 9 000 other waters, filled with with islands, islets, holms and skerries. The three river vallies of the Skellefte River, the Pite River and the river Laisälven all have their own characteristics and attractions.

Historically, this system of waterways provided an important means of transportation for travellers and goods. In winter, people travelled across the ice and in summer they travelled on the water. The currents powered mills, forges, smelters, sawmills and provided cooling water when making brännvin, a hard liquor.

Nowadays, the ice is used for extensive testing and leisure ice racing tracks for cars, whilst the summer landscape is a popular playground for many activities, for locals and visitors alike.

Fishing is of course popular, but the waters also offer long kayak tours, partial goals on your hike or an inviting midnight sun swim after a relaxing bath in a wood heated sauna. Some waters are so remote that a helicopter is the best option for reaching them, other streams are accessible enough for prams, wheelchairs and other wheel borne visitors.

The landscape is rugged, yet open. Regardless of whether you are out on the water or up on a hill between two lakes, there is a good chance that you can see large parts of the mountain range, all the way to Norway. One way to get a good look at our mountainous archipelago is to go to Galtispouda viewpoint. And one thing is for sure, you can spend a long time here without ever having to look out over the same water twice.