Work and studies

With a diverse labor market in an international environment where different qualifications, experiences and lifestyles are needed, we hope you will find your dream job. Arjeplog has had the lowest unemployment rate in the country for several years in a row, which is why you are needed here.


If you’re interested in coming here to experience living and working, several organizations hire seasonally.

The largest employers in Arjeplog are the state, municipality, tourism industry, vehicle testing industry, construction, and civil engineering. We have an unusually entrepreneurial population and low unemployment


Arjeplog Municipality has the second best growth in Norrbotten County in the 2023 growth index.

In Arjeplog, there’s a strong entrepreneurial spirit. There are good opportunities to seek financing and low prices on land, premises, and properties. Living and working in the inland of Norrbotten isn’t as big of a logistical challenge as you might think. Here, you can get from your front door to Stockholm Central Station in about 4 hours, including waiting time at Arvidsjaur Airport and Arlanda.

If you want to start a business or relocate your operations to Arjeplog, feel free to contact Argentis, the local business development company

Lärcentras entré, vintertid.

Adult studies


Our learning center is a multifunctional meeting place where many gather: students learning Swedish for immigrants, adults supplementing primary and secondary education, distance university students, our labor market activities, and everyone who visits us to attend a training session, participate in a lunch seminar, or meet our educational and career counselors. 


Bonus system

Competence bonus within various shortage professions within the administration of Arjeplog Municipality

  • Flytt och boendebonus
  • Vikariatsbonus
  • Pensionärsbonus
  • Studielån 

Grundkrav för att ansöka om bonussystemen måste individen vara folkbokförd i Arjeplogs kommun och arbeta inom ett bristyrke