Live well and live safely

In Arjeplog, it is safe and secure to live and reside There is optimism for the future, we greet each other, and there is closeness among people

Arjeplog in brief

Arjeplog has topped surveys when it comes to the best municipality to live in.

Arjeplog Municipality is located in Norrbotten County, borders Norway and belongs to the province of Lapland. Of the municipality’s 2,600 inhabitants, most live in the central town.

We are in the middle of Sápmi, the land of the Sámi people. Reindeer herding has been carried out here since ancient times and there are currently six Sami villages operating in the municipality.

Living in Arjeplog means experiencing the dancing northern lights in winter and the charm of the midnight sun in summer. There is a magnificent nature with Sweden’s largest mountainous archipelago at the same time as there is an international character.

Arjeplog is one of the country’s twenty distinct tourism and hospitality municipalities with the highest number of foreign visitors in the region.

International character

Arjeplog is Sweden’s most international municipality per capita during the winter.

The vehicle and component testing business has a turnover of just over SEK 1 billion in Norrbotten County. The testing operations began in Arjeplog and now people from all over the world come to us every winter to test the technology of tomorrow. Most car and component manufacturers choose to test their different models in our Arctic winter climate.

This means that there are good air communications with Stockholm all year round and direct flights from Germany in the winter.

Also unique is the collaboration that has been built up between the various companies on important development issues. The industry also collaborates with Luleå University of Technology and other development actors.

Living here with children

Arjeplog’s children and youth have everything close by.

Preschool, primary school, distance highschool, librariy, swimming pool and sports hall, learning center and community center are all located within a radius of 500 metres. 

We are close to each other and to the beautiful nature – the schoolyards are large and the school area is located between the large lakes Hornavan and Uddjaur. It is a safe and calm environment that invites both learning and adventure.

During leisure time, there is also an indoor riding arena, hockey rink, tennis court, outdoor floorball rink, outdoor paddle court, and soccer field In Arjeplog’s center, there is also a youth center.



Arjeplog’s preschool has at least one certified preschool teacher per group, and the children are divided into age groups of 1-3 years, 4 years, and 5 years The activities are characterized by outdoor play, gardening, and elements of Sami themes Children aged 1-4 years eat at the preschool, and when they turn 5, they begin eating in the school cafeteria to become familiar with the school they will attend next year In addition to the municipal preschool, there is an independent preschool in the town center and independent educational care in Jäckvik

Primary School

The primary school, called Silverskolan, has plenty of certified teachers, classroom assistants, and student health personnel Here we observe all students and follow them from preschool to grade 9, which yields good results – often we have the highest percentage of passing grades in the entire country, and we fare very well in rankings compared to other schools Our school is free from mobile phones, and starting from grade 4, all students have their own computer

Distance high school

We have a unique solution for high school education We call it Distance High School, and it consists of apprenticeship programs where students study the common high school subjects through remote teaching provided from Skellefteå to a classroom in Arjeplog Practical subjects are learned through apprenticeships in the local business community, and students also have classmates in Malå, Norsjö, and Sorsele If one wants to pursue traditional high school education, we have agreements with our good neighbor municipalities in Arvidsjaur and Piteå

School transport

If you live outside the central town and have school-age children, the children will receive school transport to and from school. 

Flygvy över campusområdet.

Living in Arjeplog when you are older

Home Care Services in Arjeplog

We aim for the caretaker to feel a sense of security, which is important to us. We do not operate on a minute-by-minute schedule, meaning that the staff have the opportunity to stay longer if necessary. We have a teamwork that allows for this flexibility. Our staff takes great pride in their profession.

According to the home care index, Arjeplog Home Care is the best in Norrbotten for 2022 and 2023.

A brand-new elderly care facility, Björkbacken, was ready for occupancy in January 2024.

If you need healthcare

Arjeplog Health Center Here, various professional categories with extensive experience in different fields are under one roof to provide professional care and a friendly approach around the clock.

In addition to specialist general practitioners, there are district nurses, ambulance nurses, reception nurses, midwives (maternity health care and child health care), physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, and behavioral scientists.

Public Dental Care Here, there are dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants available.

Saami culture

Arjeplog is part of Sápmi, the Sámi country. The mountains and lakes often have Sámi names that describe the character of nature and give clues to the appearance and importance of the landscape.  Here you will find all the Swedish varieties of Sámi. 

Arjeplog is a Sámi administrative municipality, which means that individuals have the right to use Sámi in contacts with the administrative authority. 

Some of the public signage is done in both Swedish and Sámi. One of the preschool departments conducts teaching in Sámi and teaches Sámi culture and tradition. For the elderly, elderly care is available in Sámi and the menu sometimes has elements of traditional food such as reindeer meat, blood palt and marrow bones. 

The annual Sámi Culture Week (week 40) is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Arjeplog’s history, cultural landscape and present.