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Whether you come here to fish for trout in a crystal-clear mountain lake, experience the Sami culture, hike new trails, or to stay in a cottage surrounded by beauty and silence, we promise that you will be greeted by welcoming people and truly warm service

Welcome to share our wild, beautiful everyday life.


Unique archipelago in a mountain environment

The mountainous archipelago of Arjeplog is an environment without comparison. Large and deep lakes like Hornavan, Uddjaur, and Tjeggelvas are crowded by nearly 9,000 other waters, adorned with islands, islets, skerries, and rocks. The three river valleys for the Skellefte River, Pite River, and Lais River all have their own character and allure. Fishing is, of course, sought after, but the water also invites for long kayak tours, as intermediate goals to hike between, or for a dip in the midnight sun after a relaxing bath in a wood-fired sauna. Some waters are so remote that a helicopter tour is the best alternative, while others are so easily accessible that strollers, wheelchairs, and other wheeled transports can easily reach them.

Big and small adventures in the mountains

The mountain world of Arjeplog is vast and wonderful. From here, you can see Norway and hike there. Here you’ll find Sálajiegna, Sweden’s largest glacier, nature reserves, and a national park, marked trails that guide you forward, and a nature that makes you feel like the first person discovering it. You are never alone, but it requires experience and concentration before you see the ptarmigans, reindeer, and lynx that keep you company. If you prefer human company, you can hike closer to the town center or stay in one of the historic facilities further out. If you want to be sure to experience absolute silence, you can take a helicopter to even more remote destinations. Arjeplog has room for everyone and new views every day.


During winter, Arjeplog is full of visitors from all over the world – during peak season, they outnumber the permanent residents – which means that if you visit us in the summer, you have a wide variety of accommodations to choose from.

For those who prefer proximity to urban services, a variety of activities, and accessible fishing, waking up in a room overlooking Hornavan is ideal. For those who want to experience indigenous culture, stretching out in a Sami hut and hearing the reindeer bells outside is an option. For those who want to capture images of pristine lakes and majestic mountains, opening the door to a cottage and starting the day on its veranda is perfect. From campgrounds to cottage villages, modern hotels, and historic mountain lodges, you can travel around Arjeplog and have breakfast in a restaurant and dinner around the fire in a grill hut. There’s accommodation in remote areas and there’s lodging with parking right outside the door. Those prioritizing budget and tranquility can stock up at the stores in Laisdalen and along the Silver Road, while those seeking comfort and service can indulge in a sauna at a spa. There’s room for everyone, options for everyone, and no matter where you stay, it’s right in the middle of the scenery with adventure just around the corner.

Food & Drink

I Arjeplog är maten en berättelse om naturen och dess generositet. Smaka på det lokala köket som hämtar inspiration från skogarnas djupa dofter och sjöarnas friska vatten. Från den förföriska smaken av färskfångad röding till de hantverksmässigt tillagade renrätterna, varje tugga är en resa genom landskapet och dess rika kultur. När vi i fjällen pratar om ”att äta ute” betyder det inte att du går på restaurang, utan att du intar din måltid utomhus. Värm din mat och koka ditt kaffe på en eld och fäst blicken på den spegelblanka ytan på en fiskrik sjö. För lokalbefolkningen är det en livsstil att leva utomhus, i och av naturen, och du är välkommen att dela den livsstilen med oss.

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For you on a shorter stay

Please read the brochure ‘For You Who Are Visiting Temporarily,’ which has been developed in collaboration with five other destinations along the beautiful Skellefte River. There you’ll find practical tips that are useful before and during your visit, learn more about our local nature, and other practical details.