What do we do in our free time?

The nature of Arjeplog offers opportunities for many outdoor activities at all times of the year. We also have a rich association life where you can make new friends and gain experiences.

Nature & outdoor activities

Here we live with our seasons.

Arjeplog’s winter has a lot to offer. There are, of course, good opportunities for skiing both cross-country and downhill, or more fast-paced activities such as dog sledding and snowmobile safaris. But don’t rush, you just need to be here to experience.

Spring in these latitudes is like no other. The darkness has given way and the light is on its way. It’s hard to beat that, with an ice fishing rod in your hand, you can enjoy yourself stretched out on a reindeer skin on a vast lake ice in the spring sun.

Arjeplog’s summers are nature at full speed thanks to the midnight sun. Fish in one of the 8,727 lakes, travel by canoe in a roaring river or hike in one of our many nature reserves.

Autumn in Arjeplog is a time for collecting and hunting. Then it’s time to stock up on winter storage. Nature offers sparkling colors and frost-clear days without mosquitoes.


Arjeplog has proud traditions in sports and medalists from both the Olympics and the World Championships in several different sports.

Some of the medals we have won include gold medals in arm wrestling  (VM, EM, SM), sled dog (VM, EM, SM), snowcross (VM, EM), 30 km skiing (SM), ice racing (SM), snowracer (SM), rallycross (SM), flyweight wrestling (SM), ski relay (SM), biathlon (OS, SM), volleyball (SM), speedway (SM), aircombat (SM), as well as men’s and women’s victories in Vasaloppet.

There are good opportunities here for both training and competing

Arjeplog’s Sports Hall and Indoor Swimming Pool
The sports hall is frequently used for school gymnastics, floorball, badminton and tennis. The swimming hall has a 25-metre swimming pool, sauna and gym.

Laisvalls sporthall
Sporthallen är utrustad med dusch och omklädningsrum, samt gym. Här finns utrymme för innebandy, badminton, tennis, basket eller handboll. Laisvalls sportklubb erbjuder även bangolf.

– Sports hall Arjeplog
– Active North Gym Storgatan 2.
– Jäckvik, in the old school.

There is a hockey rink behind the sports hall and an ice skating rink with a barbecue area in Gäddviken (Arjeplog’s centre).

Ski trails are available at Djuptjärn, Öberget; Arjeplog city center

In the villages of Laisvall and Jäckvik there are also prepared ski trails. 

Associations and clubs

What doesn’t already exist in a small place, we create ourselves.
We therefore have a wide range of associations and clubs.

You can also start your own association if it is not already here. There are funds to apply for through the municipality or Leader Lapland to develop new ideas.

Here are examples of some of our associations:

Arjeplog Sports Club, Floorball Association Argentum 91, Rabbit Jumping Association, Red Cross, Children’s choir/Adult choir, Snowmobile association, Disc golf association, Board games club, Biathlon, Run Academy, Mountain bike association, Riding club, Handicraft Skapande händer, Kennel Club, Art Society, Theatre association, Music theatre, Sami association, Pistol shooting club, Evening courses at ABF and Vuxenskolan (knife making etc.)


Here are events that are held annually – throughout the year. To illustrate the variety of our events, we provide examples here

Autumn market and Saami week, The Arjeplog -day,  Trolling competitions, Ice fishing competitions, Winter market, Filmfestival, Racksunds fishing festival, summer flea market weekend, Car-bingo in Mellanström, Slagnäs rapids fishing premiere, Chapel weekend in Västerfjäll , Swedish Championship in Ice racing, Bok och vandring (Books and Hikes), Hiking week, Inauguration seasonal start fishing in Arjeplog rapids, Seasonal opening Rapatjärn fishing and much more…