Galtispuoda viewpoint

Go by car to the top of the mountain! Galtispuoda is an accessible mountain just outside Arjeplog center, which reaches 800 meters above sea level. The surrounding nature is stunning, and surrounding vire of sparkling lakes and mighty mountain is mesmerizing. This is a must for your Arjeplog visit!

The road to the top is open during most parts of the year. During the winter, we recommend going to Galtis ski resort instead, which is close to the top.

The island world you see from the top is full of prehistoric remnants, up to 10 000 years old. This was an abundant place to the hunting people of the stone age, rich in fish and game. The sand banks stretching out into lake Hornavan are full of traces of prehistoric settlements.

View from Galtispuoda

Lake Hornavan stretches 60 km (37 miles) to the northwest, towards the Arctic Circle. From Galtispuoda you can see almost the entire lake, which is also the deepest in Sweden, with its 221 meters (725 ft).

We recommend a trip to the top of Galtispuoda during sunset, to experience the magical Arjeplog light. If you are in luck, and wait until dark, you might even get the chance to see the northern lights.