Märkberget nature reserve

Märkberget nature reserve is comprised of the mountain Märkberget and Märkforsen rapids in Lais river. Märkforsen is a beautiful stretch of the river with rapids, canyon and falls. The surrounding area is overflowing with different species of plants, some very rare.

Märkberget is known for being one of the most beautiful nature reserves in northern Sweden. The area is diverse with the mountain, the rapids and pine forests sprinkled with arctic birch and woodland lakes.

Getting a lot of sun from the south, this is a perfect spot for many southern plants. Here you might for example spot the rare Clips Saxifrage. The dramatic gorge Märkklyftan i the east has a rich flora, no less than 270 species of plants have been spotted here. Lady’s slipper, Avens, Purple Saxifrage and Saxifraga Aizoides among others.

The abundance of plants has to do with the many types of rock in this part of the mountain chain, which was formed 430 million years ago. Märkberget is comprised of mylonite and sparagmite surrounded by quartzite, sandstone and alum shale.

Inland ice and water has shaped the mountain chain , and the canyon and Märkberget gorge were once chiseled by bodies of water created by the melting of the inland ice.

Märkberget is located roughly 55 km (34 mi) northeast of Arjeplog. Go west from Arjeplog along road 95, Silvervägen, about 25 km (15 mi). Then turn left, towards Laisvall and Adolfström. From there, it’s about 33 km (20 mi) to Märkberget.