Peijlekaise National Park

From Adolfström in the south and Jäckvik in the north it is easy to reach the Pieljekaise National Park, a low mountain region that is easy to hike through, featuring many smaller lakes and large, natural mountain birch fprests. The road to Adolfström may very well be one of the most beautiful in Sweden and from nearby Veijenäs, there is a marked summer trail for hiking through the national park and reaching Kungsleden (The King’s Trail). In addition to a stunning view in all directions, there is a rich plant and animal life here, with many of our rarer species and most interesting predators.

During the summer, there is daylight around the clock and in the autumn, the steadily sparser mountain birches, crackling with colour, reach for the barren peaks. Along the King’s Trail there is a wind shelter and a cabin with two rooms, one open for daytime visits and the other a locked four-bed room. You can borrow a key from Adolfströms Handelsbod or from the ICA grocery store in Jäckvik if you would like to spend more than one day in Peijlekaise, which is strongly recommended.

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