Arjeplog church

Sofia Magdalena. That’s the name of the beautiful, pink church in Arjeplog that so many people have fell in love with over the years. It is situated on a headland in lake Hornavan, next to Arjeplog square. The church surroundings bear witness of the passing of time and how Arjeplog, its inhabitants and the location have changed.

For example, the location of the church, on a headland right by the lake, is reminiscent of a time without roads when the most convenient (or least inconvenient) way to travel was on the water or ice. And behind the extensions and renovations made in modern times, the cross-shaped church from the 1700’s is still clearly visible.

Sofia Magdalena was built in 1641 after a decision made by the Swedish queen Kristina. The original church had no flooring, and the deceased were buried under the church. Until this day, two gravemarkers are preserved in the wooden church floor. The markers commemorate children of the head of Nasa silver mine, Aegidius Otto.

Todays church is actually the second in the same location, built in the 1760’s as a cross-shaped church made of timber with a main entrance in the west, from the water. It was transformed into its current national romantic appearance in the late 1800’s. The chancel was then moved from the eastern end of the church to the western end, and the exterior was given its characteristic, pink color.

The church is open for visitors during the day. Welcome to have a look inside!