The history of Silvermuseet began in the early 1920s when Einar Wallquist, a young, newly-graduated provincial doctor, came to serve in Arjeplog. He was soon captivated by the district and its people and quickly began collecting artefacts with the intention of documenting Arjeplog’s rich cultural history. For almost four decades, Wallquist worked as provincial doctorar, […]

Adolfströms handelsbod

Do you remember the beautiful wall hangings of the 50s and 60s, or the tin car you were given as a child? Marianne Thorfve does. She is the owner of the general store in Adolfström and like many others her roots are in that era, and she remembers the sweet years of childhood and adolescence […]

Salajekna – Sweden’s largest glacier

An exciting adventure is to go by helicopter to Sweden’s largest glacier, Salajekna, located in the Arjeplog area. Salajekna is on the border between Sweden and Norway covering more than 24 square kilometers (11 square mi) and being up to 300 m (985 ft) thick. Scientists have been studying Salajekna for more than 200 years, […]

The Vauka Trail

The beautiful Vuaka trail is situated in central Arjeplog. A 2 km (1,2 mi) easily accessible trail on foot or wheels, since it has has footbridges and duckboards to help you conveniently enjoy the scenery. Here are also jettys for fishing, privys and spots designed for rest and barbecueing, shielded from wind and rain. A […]


Doktorsgården was the home of the founder of Silvermuseet (the Silver museum), dr Einar Wallquist. He moved to Arjeplog in the early 1920’s to serve as a doctor and ended up buying this house close to his newly built clinic. This classic, red and white building became his home for the rest of his life. […]

Galtispuoda viewpoint

Go by car to the top of the mountain! Galtispuoda is an accessible mountain just outside Arjeplog center, which reaches 800 meters above sea level. The surrounding nature is stunning, and surrounding vire of sparkling lakes and mighty mountain is mesmerizing. This is a must for your Arjeplog visit! The road to the top is […]

Arjeplog church

Sofia Magdalena. That’s the name of the beautiful, pink church in Arjeplog that so many people have fell in love with over the years. It is situated on a headland in lake Hornavan, next to Arjeplog square. The church surroundings bear witness of the passing of time and how Arjeplog, its inhabitants and the location […]