Terrain biking in Arjeplog

Where can yo go biking in Arjeplog Municipality ? There are many areas suitble for cykling and mountainbiking. Here is a small selection : – Kolmis east of Arjeplog centre.– Öberget, close to Arjeplog centre. – Mountaintracks: From road E95 near the Norwegian border to Jurun.– Vaukatrail 2 km. Spang path with fireplaces. MTB We […]

Right of public access

The right of public access gives us all the opportunity to enjoy nature, but it includes both rights as well as responsibilities. There are some things that you must keep in mind when you are out hiking, camping, climbing, picking berries, or exploring nature in some other way. The right of public access applies both […]

Discover the least hiked part of Kungsleden

Kungsleden, The King’s Trail, is a hiking trail in northern Sweden, approximately 440 kilometres (270 miles) long, between Abisko in the north and Hemavan in the south. It passes through one of Europe’s largest remaining wilderness areas. The section between Kvikkjokk and Ammarnäs is the least hiked on Kungsleden. Perhaps because a tent is needed and […]

Peijlekaise National Park

From Adolfström in the south and Jäckvik in the north it is easy to reach the Pieljekaise National Park, a low mountain region that is easy to hike through, featuring many smaller lakes and large, natural mountain birch fprests. The road to Adolfström may very well be one of the most beautiful in Sweden and […]

Salajekna – Sweden’s largest glacier

An exciting adventure is to go by helicopter to Sweden’s largest glacier, Salajekna, located in the Arjeplog area. Salajekna is on the border between Sweden and Norway covering more than 24 square kilometers (11 square mi) and being up to 300 m (985 ft) thick. Scientists have been studying Salajekna for more than 200 years, […]

The Vauka Trail

The beautiful Vuaka trail is situated in central Arjeplog. A 2 km (1,2 mi) easily accessible trail on foot or wheels, since it has has footbridges and duckboards to help you conveniently enjoy the scenery. Here are also jettys for fishing, privys and spots designed for rest and barbecueing, shielded from wind and rain. A […]

Märkberget nature reserve

Märkberget nature reserve is comprised of the mountain Märkberget and Märkforsen rapids in Lais river. Märkforsen is a beautiful stretch of the river with rapids, canyon and falls. The surrounding area is overflowing with different species of plants, some very rare. Märkberget is known for being one of the most beautiful nature reserves in northern […]

Galtispuoda viewpoint

Go by car to the top of the mountain! Galtispuoda is an accessible mountain just outside Arjeplog center, which reaches 800 meters above sea level. The surrounding nature is stunning, and surrounding vire of sparkling lakes and mighty mountain is mesmerizing. This is a must for your Arjeplog visit! The road to the top is […]